Strict Diets and Punishing Exercises Will Only Get You So Far...

It’s a secret the beautiful people have known for a long time…

Crafting their bodies with technology, special diets, and perhaps even cosmetic surgery while leading you to believe its “all-natural” results from good eating, a healthy lifestyle, and exercise. You’d be shocked to learn everything they’re doing behind the scenes.

What if you could tap into an innovative new process, one that’s just catching on in the world of celebrity influencers. And it promises to give you the body you’ve always wanted, without stealing any more time from your loved ones.

Your path to an insta-worthy physique

People just like you are already enjoying the results of our quick, comfortable, and highly personalized sessions. Done in an hour to fit effortlessly into your busy schedule.

Imagine being able to…

Confidently wear a bikini at the beach, instead of having to stay covered up
Always find the perfect angle or pose for a photo, because you’re in great shape
Skip a gym session or splurge on dessert without feeling guilty or ashamed
Enjoy your choice of outfits, because they’re all flattering with your new figure
Excite your partner with your sexy figure, so they can’t keep their hands off you
Finally have the body you’ve always wanted, and know you look incredible
Mid section of multi ethnic women with bikini relaxing sitting on sable on beach

In my mind, you deserve it all. 

Here at The Contour Lounge, we’ll guide you as you develop your insta-worthy physique, shaping and sculpting your body to perfection. 

How much would your life change, once you’ve got the perfect body?

Innovative New Technology Allows You To Safely Shape And Contour Your Figure...

Gain Confidence

Set your sights on correcting that last troublesome part of your body, slimming down the fatty bits that you’ve never been happy with.

Proven Results

Delivering visible results, clinical studies have proven this technique to reduce fat thickness by 24% and tone and shape the targeted muscles. 

Zero Recovery Time

This safe and non-invasive procedure can be done during a lunch break, to have you back at your desk later the same afternoon.

Innovative Body Care

Join the ranks of influencers and celebrities enjoying stunning transformations with targeted fat loss, without exercise, dieting, or risky surgery.

“It works on all skin types, sizes,and physiques, including individuals who were previously not considered candidates for body contouring procedures…”

- Walter L. Bernacki, MD of Ohio Plastic Surgery in Central Ohio

Two Powerful Techniques For Designing The Perfect Body

At The Contour Lounge, we combine two innovative new techniques to create your own “hands free” personal training session.

If you’ve been unhappy with certain parts of your body, while doing your best to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle, you’re a perfect candidate for our personalized programs. 

OR you've gained some unhealthy habits which have resulted in an unhappy and spiraling weight gain. Good news! We are able to treat clients with a BMI over 30 so if you're looking for a healthier lifestyle then the Contour Lounge is the answer and can give you a head start to a better you. 

Our body sculpting does the work for you from burning the fat to building the muscle - so you don’t have to sweat it out in the gym any more and endure grueling PT sessions at 6 am every morning.

Combining the revolutionary fat burning and next generation muscle sculpting, we have created the ultimate addition to any work out plan without touching a dumb bell or entering a gym. Bring a book or use your phone, sit back, relax and let our personal trainer do the work for you!

Clinically Proven Fat Burning

Impressive results on people with a variety of body types, the revolutionary fat burning treatment eliminates stubborn fat that refuses to budge with healthy eating and regular exercise alone. Following a highly personalized consultation, enjoy clinically proven fat loss in a 15-minute session to burn up to 24% of the targeted fat cells.

Next Generation Muscle Sculpting

The ultimate option for people looking to get an extra edge, the groundbreaking technology in muscle stimulation delivers impressive muscle growth of up to 30% in one treatment. Strengthening, firming, and toning areas of your body with targeted waveforms to build new muscle fibers. Clinically proven to provide measurable increases in muscle size in 45-minute sessions.

The Contour Lounge

Our body contouring specialists are experts in creating customized plans for our clients. We understand that body's (and budgets) come in all different sizes, leave it to us to create the perfect package for you.

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