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Personalized Body Sculpting

Impressive results on people with a variety of body types, the revolutionary truSculpt ID program eliminates stubborn fat that refuses to budge with healthy eating and regular exercise alone. Following a highly personalized consultation, enjoy clinically proven fat loss in a 15-minute session to burn up to 24% of the targeted fat cells.

Personalized Muscle Sculpting

The ultimate option for people looking to get an extra edge, the groundbreaking technology in truSculpt flex delivers impressive muscle growth. Strengthening, firming, and toning areas of your body with targeted waveforms to build new muscle fibers. Clinically proven to provide measurable increases in muscle size in just four 45-minute sessions.





“I started seeing results in the first couple of weeks...I could look down at my tummy and could see that there was less of a bulge there.”

“I started seeing results six weeks after I had the treatment done. Clothes started fitting a little bit different, and in the mirror, things were appearing a little bit different in a good way. I would recommend it to my friends, especially people my age. We have such a hard time. And it really worked. I definitely achieved the results I was looking for.”

“After the procedure, there was no downtime. I was able to go about my daily tasks as normal. I started seeing results after about one month, two months in. My pants started fitting a little better. I didn’t look as bloated. I liked my reflection in my mirror.”