Enjoy A Head-Turning Transformation With A Simple, Safe Procedure That’ll Have You Loving The Person You See In The Mirror. 

Our Results in the Press:

Real People, Incredible Transformations...

Game changing process reduces 24% of body fat in one 15-minute session. Join thousands of happy clients sharing their perfect figures with the world. 

“I noticed the positive changes in just a few days. My abs were really toned and definitely showing through after just one session (on low) with truSculpt flex. It feels incredible, as I eat healthy and work out 3 to 4 times a week -- yet I always struggled to build ab muscles. I can’t wait to use these machines to target more problem areas on my body!”

If You Could Fix One Specific Part Of Your Body, What Would It Be?

Does it ever feel like you’re so disciplined, but your hard work never seems to show?

All of the celebrity diets and influencer workouts made it look so easy...

To finally tighten your stubborn belly and tone your arms...
To lose a little weight on your waist, thighs, and butt...
To permanently drop a dress size and fit your favorite outfits...

Yet you don’t see the results promised to you. 

How can you possibly squeeze-in more PT sessions or eat any healthier, when you’re on your feet 12+ hours a day? While running an entire household and trying to balance your professional responsibilities and career? As your relationships break down even more, from all the time you’re spending in the gym?

It’s frustrating to think that despite all of your sacrifices, your body still looks the same. 

You might even be considering liposuction at this point.

But before you agree to go under the knife, you need to know there’s a safer alternative...

"I opted for The Contour Lounge’s 3 month package to target my abs and added on an extra fat burner for my flanks. After my first treatment I started noticing my stomach slimming down. By my second month I had lost two inches off my waist and felt so much slimmer. I am super happy with my progress and will be continuing to target other areas with The Contour Lounge"

"I cannot believe my results, I have always struggled to lose weight round my midriff and I finally found the solution! I love my results and feel amazing. This is revolutionary technology!"

"I didn’t even know it was possible to treat my aging affects without surgery and I was scared to go under the knife, I looked for an alternative. I am so grateful to be able to treat the area under my chin safely and the results are better than I expected. I look younger and feel great!"

Innovative New Technology Allows You To Safely Shape And Contour Your Figure...

Gain Confidence

Set your sights on correcting that last troublesome part of your body, slimming down the fatty bits that you’ve never been happy with.

Proven Results

Delivering visible results, clinical studies have proven this technique to reduce fat thickness by 24% and tone and shape the targeted muscles. 

Zero Recovery Time

This safe and non-invasive procedure can be done during a lunch break, to have you back at your desk later the same afternoon.

Innovative Body Care

Join the ranks of influencers and celebrities enjoying stunning transformations with targeted fat loss, without exercise, dieting, or risky surgery.

Are You Tired Of All The “Traditional” Weight Loss Methods, Because Nothing Seems To Work?

Innovative New Technology Allows You To Safely Shape And Contour Your Figure...

It’s a secret the beautiful people have known for a long time…

Crafting their bodies with technology, special diets, and perhaps even cosmetic surgery while leading you to believe its “all-natural” results from good eating, a healthy lifestyle, and exercise. You’d be shocked to learn everything they’re doing behind the scenes.

It’s almost like they’ve cheated you, because it hasn’t been a level playing field. 

But what if you could tap into an innovative new process, one that’s just catching on in the world of celebrity influencers. And it promises to give you the body you’ve always wanted, without stealing any more time from your loved ones. 

Would you like to eliminate the fatty parts of your body that never tone?

Would you like to get toned and look incredible, in any outfit you wear?

Would you like to start loving your figure again?

Enjoy A Slimmer, Natural Figure Without Surgery Or A Long, Complicated Recovery...

Award Winning Treatment:

Are You Comfortable In Your Skin?

When it comes to our bodies, there’s no doubt a transformation is needed. Because the facts make it clear that we’re in the middle of a major crisis...

100% of women are unhappy with their bodies (and use dieting to correct it).
50% of men are unsatisfied with their bodies (a 3x increase in the last 25 years).
The average BMI in 1960 was 25.01, and today it’s 28.75 (that’s a 14.8% increase).

Be honest, and tell me if you’ve ever wanted a healthier relationship with your body. To correct your problem areas. You might have even considered surgery, but today, there’s a much safer option available for you. 

The Big Problem With Our Image Obsession

My name is Sarah Woodmansey, and my love of beauty began at the tender age of 10. After sneaking a shiny lip gloss from my sister, I started down a new path in my life, one that quickly spiraled into diet pills, eating disorders, crazy workout regimes, and self-harm. 

It took me a long time to get comfortable with my body, and as the years passed, I found balance. I’d work out and eat healthy, but you’d also catch me indulging in chocolates or a glass of wine. Or even skipping the gym entirely in favor of an extra episode on Netflix. 

I liked my figure, but there were also parts I wanted to fix. Like that odd wobbly bit and the cellulite on my stomach. It needed to go, and cosmetic surgery was an easy answer. 

I’d planned it all out, from the doctor I’d book to the areas I wanted my extra fat hoovered out of me. As soon I had the money I’d get it done, and I was saving every week. It excited me, because I saw surgery as the answer. To finally have the figure I wanted, I just knew I’d be so perfectly happy once I looked like all the girls I followed and admired on Instagram. 

But before I could get it done, a close friend flew to Turkey for hers. She’d chosen a BBL, or Brazilian Butt Lift, a procedure promising to give you the curves of a KimK or Kylie J. We’d joked about the dangers, of course, but never considered how wrong it could go. In a humbling turn of fate, my friend died three times on that operating table in Turkey.

Sarah x

Three times the doctors brought her back, jump-starting her heart as the surgeon deformed her body with a process we'd all been laughing about the week before. It took months of therapy before my friend could walk again, and that's when I realized how absurd we'd been.

Putting our lives on the line to trim a little fat just wasn't worth it. I canceled my plans (using my savings for a little Eat, Pray Love adventure of my own), but I never gave up hope there might be another way. Something that wasn't ridiculously dangerous. And a few years later, I found it. Starting as a customer myself to finally "fix" my wobbly bits, I've launched this business in the hopes no one else needs to suffer as my friend did.

You deserve to look your best, without risking your life to do it. 

Join us at The Contour Lounge, we’ll help to reveal your perfect figure to the world. 

Start Feeling Better About Your Body

Suppose you had the power to sculpt and tone the most problematic parts of your body, losing weight as you develop a fit and firm “new” you, and finally achieve your body goals.

Imagine being able to… 

Confidently wear a bikini at the beach, instead of having to stay covered up
Always find the perfect angle or pose for a photo, because you’re in great shape
Skip a gym session or splurge on dessert without feeling guilty or ashamed
Enjoy your choice of outfits, because they’re all flattering with your new figure
Excite your partner with your sexy figure, so they can’t keep their hands off you
Finally have the body you’ve always wanted, and know you look incredible

How much would your life change, once you’ve got the perfect body?

This Is Your Chance To Reveal The Real You

The latest innovations in medical science can trim and shape your figure...

Without the need to starve yourself or spend every waking minute in the gym. Or risking everything you have in life by going under the surgeon’s knife. There’s a better way, a safe and non-invasive way to sculpt your body to perfection. 

Targeting the most troublesome spots, areas you’ve felt self-conscious about for years. And before you know it, people will be asking you for the “secret” to your incredible change. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking…

Because yes, there are many ways you can get in better shape…

You could diet more, but most people only see results while on the program
You could exercise more, but it’s not targeted, you may “bulk” the wrong areas
You could use creams, but many have no demonstrable changes after months
You could get surgery, spend $10-$15k+ while risking your life and a long recovery

Be honest, and tell me if you’ve ever wanted a healthier relationship with your body. To correct your problem areas. You might have even considered surgery, but today, there’s a much safer option available for you. 

You Can Achieve The Body You Want While Balancing Work, Your Family, And Your Life. 

Would you like results like these?

Using a safe, efficient, and non-invasive procedure…

One that permanently destroys troublesome fat cells while toning and shaping your underlying muscles. People who have hated specific parts of their bodies for years have seen extraordinary transformations…

An impressive 24% reduction in fat thickness in one session...
An average of 4 pounds of weight loss
Clinically proven to develop and strengthen real muscle mass...
75% of patients were extremely satisfied after one treatment…
87% of patients would happily recommend their friends...

Can you imagine what your body would look like after these kinds of changes?





“I started seeing results in the first couple of weeks...I could look down at my tummy and could see that there was less of a bulge there.”

“I started seeing results six weeks after I had the treatment done. Clothes started fitting a little bit different, and in the mirror, things were appearing a little bit different in a good way. I would recommend it to my friends, especially people my age. We have such a hard time. And it really worked. I definitely achieved the results I was looking for.”

“After the procedure, there was no downtime. I was able to go about my daily tasks as normal. I started seeing results after about one month, two months in. My pants started fitting a little better. I didn’t look as bloated. I liked my reflection in my mirror.”

Your path to an insta-worthy physique 

People just like you are already enjoying the results of our quick, comfortable, and highly personalized sessions. Done in an hour to fit effortlessly into your busy schedule.

Wouldn’t you like to...

Tighten and tone targeted areas, like the backs of your arms that you hate to see?
Start developing curves and lines in all the right places, for a head-turning figure?
Save real time in your schedule, while achieving your fitness and body goals?
Reduce your cellulite and smooth your skin to get back your youthful glow?
Fix the troublesome genetic fat stores, so you’re finally confident in your figure?

In my mind, you deserve it all. 

Here at The Contour Lounge, we’ll guide you as you develop your insta-worthy physique, shaping and sculpting your body to perfection. 

Two Powerful Techniques For Designing The Perfect Body

The incredible transformations we offer are a result of two innovative new techniques. 

If you’ve been unhappy with certain parts of your body, while doing your best to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle, you’re a perfect candidate for our personalized programs. 

At The Contour Lounge, we combine two innovative new techniques to create your own “hands free” personal training session.

Our body sculpting does the work from burning the fat to building the muscle - so you don’t have to sweat it out in the gym any more and endure grueling PT sessions at 6 am every morning.

Combining the revolutionary fat burning and next generation muscle sculpting, we have created the ultimate addition to any work out plan without touching a dumb bell or entering a gym. Bring a book or use your phone, sit back, relax and let our personal trainer do the work for you!

Clinically Proven Fat Burning

Impressive results on people with a variety of body types, the revolutionary fat burning treatment eliminates stubborn fat that refuses to budge with healthy eating and regular exercise alone. Following a highly personalized consultation, enjoy clinically proven fat loss in a 15-minute session to burn up to 24% of the targeted fat cells.

Next Generation Muscle Sculpting

The ultimate option for people looking to get an extra edge, the groundbreaking technology in muscle stimulation delivers impressive muscle growth of up to 30% in one treatment. Strengthening, firming, and toning areas of your body with targeted waveforms to build new muscle fibers. Clinically proven to provide measurable increases in muscle size in 45-minute sessions.

Are You Ready To Start Designing Your Perfect Body?

Let’s reveal the body you’ve always wanted to show the world. 

This is your chance to break free of your genetic and lifestyle limitations, and finally start sculpting your dream figure. Get started today by clicking the button below. 

“It works on all skin types, sizes,and physiques, including individuals who were previously not considered candidates for body contouring procedures…”

- Walter L. Bernacki, MD of Ohio Plastic Surgery in Central Ohio

Our Body Sculpting Sessions For This Month Are Almost Fully Booked...

If you're interested in trying our treatment programs, you must act fast.

This procedure's popularity is increasing exponentially, as a flood of new customers discover the benefits for themselves. I mean, who wouldn't want to slim down and tone up, without stepping foot in a gym? That's our promise to all of our private customers.

And with our schedule almost fully booked, I urge you to be quick. The earlier you secure a spot, the faster you can share your incredible transformation with the world. 

Still have questions? We have answers...

How can I be sure the body sculpting treatments even work?

The clinical trials on the fat burning and muscle contouring treatments delivered notably positive results. Patients enjoyed real fat loss (24% in one session) and real muscle growth (30% muscle growth in one session). The facts are hard to deny. It simply works. 

How do I know if I’m a good candidate for treatment?

Our treatments are ideal for people who eat healthy and regularly work out. You may have already achieved some of your fitness goals, but you still have particular areas and pockets of fat you would like to eliminate with a more targeted approach. We can also treat people with BMI over 30 - our treatment is the only one on the market that can do this. We would love to hear from you and work up a treatment plan no matter your size, shape or concerns. We're here for you!

Can you explain to me how the process works?

The technology behind the procedures have two main elements. 

The initial fat burning procedure is a hands-free operation that accelerates a natural fat-eliminating process in the body. Raising adipose tissue temperatures from 46°C to 48°C (115°F to 188°F), the fat cells are broken down and permanently flushed from your body. We use up to six warming paddles placed on your skin, above the specific area targeted for fat loss. 

The muscle toning process uses a similar style machine that incorporaties three bio-electric current levels for direct muscle stimulation. Working through a sequence to prep and warm the muscles, tone to increase strength and endurance, and sculpt to create new muscle fibers, the process uses different waveforms at each stage to deliver the most optimal results and safely trigger an impressive rate of muscle growth.

What does the fat-burning treatment feel like?

The best way to describe the sensation is like a hot stone massage. The FDA-Approved heat pads send a controlled amount of heat into targeted fat cells hiding beneath your skin. Your skin will warm up during the treatment, but it’s not a painful experience. 

Will there be any scars, like other cosmetic surgeries?

There will be no scarring. Unlike liposuction or other cosmetic surgeries, the procedures happens above the skin. The industry calls it "non-invasive," which means no scalpel, no incisions, no surgery, and not even a single needle. We allow clients to enjoy zero downtime while making an incredible body transformation.

How long will it take to see the results of the treatment?

The most significant changes occur in weeks 6 to 12, following just one session at The Contour Lounge. It takes time because the fat cells destroyed during the treatment process need to be "flushed" from your system. Although many clients have seen much more immediate results, reaching out to thank us after just a few days once they start to notice the transformation taking place in the mirror.

How long can I expect the fat-loss results to last?

The truSculpt ID is a permanent procedure that works by targeting and eliminating the pockets of fat you’ve always had in your body. So long as you continue to live a healthy lifestyle and enjoy regular exercise, the results can last a lifetime. 

Why can’t I just do liposuction?

Of course, liposuction is the traditional body sculpting process, but it's one that is also incredibly risky. You're putting your life at risk to remove a little fat, and even in the best-case scenario, you will need a week to recover from liposuction. And several weeks before enjoying any strenuous activity. TruSculpt is far safer and has zero downtime. So you could be back at your desk the same day or at the gym that night. 

How do I make an appointment at The Contour Lounge?

Simply click here to make a booking directly, or to have a free, no-obligation consultation with our team of body sculpting experts click here.

Ready to turn the tables on all those “hard-to-tone” places and start loving your body again?

I know it can feel like a big step… 

But if you’ve been unhappy with the person you see in the mirror, this is your chance. To finally do something about the wobbly bits that have haunted you for years. 

It’s time to say enough is enough. To start using the latest technology, you can shape and contour your body into the perfect figure you’ve always wanted. Fixing the backs of your arms, flatten your belly, or whatever it is that keeps you up at night. 

It’s time to reveal your perfect body to the world. Just like the celebrities and Instagram stars, you can have people say “wow” when they see the real you. 

And we’ll be here, right by your side, to ensure you’re comfortable every step of the way. 

As you start your incredible transformation.

Just click the button below, and we can get started today. 

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